Hi! My name is Keely. I am a third year student at the Ohio State University majoring in Evolution and Ecology. Here is the coat of arms I made to show some facts about me!

I drew a book with a dandelion seed on it because I love to read, and I have a tattoo of a dandelion seed because I think they’re the coolest. My motto is “Take in the good” because I am usually pretty busy and pessimistic, and I need to focus on the positive more. I’m from Miamisburg, Ohio and our mascot was a Viking. Finally, I drew my some of my interests in EEOB such as mycology, botany, and marine biology. I hope to study or work with nature as a career!

A fun plant-related fact about me is that I am abnormally adept at finding four-leaf clovers (as well as one-leaf, two-leaf, five-leaf, and six-leaf)! I have a large collection of clovers I’ve found over the years. They just pop out at me while I’m walking most of the time!

I think botany is awesome because there’s such a wide variety of weird plants. I love plants that look like they’re from an alien planet, or maybe ones that eat bugs, or even ones that barely look like plants at all. I hope to learn more about the wonderful variety of plants in Ohio, especially ferns and mosses!